Social media policy


The use of web 2.0 tools has modified the way we communicate and interact with our clients, colleagues or other interested parties.
TALLERES INOX, S.A. recognizes the benefits of using these channels and encourages the use of social media to improve communication, collaboration and information exchange in favor of the company’s mission, so that we can provide more effective and efficient solutions that improve excellence in the business development; but we are also aware of the associated risks that these new tools may entail.

This guide has been developed with the aim of helping the entire staff to use these new platforms in a responsible manner, bearing in mind the values of TALLERES INOX, S.A. and following its Code of Conduct, as well as other internal policies.

Corporate social networks
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These policies apply to the entire workforce and cover both personal and professional use of social networks, both during and outside the working day. Every employee has the responsibility to read and comply with these guidelines.

“Social networks”, “social media” and “web 2.0” are umbrella terms that involve activities that integrate technology, social interaction and content creation. These use different forms such as blogs, wikis, photo and video publishing platforms, podcasts, social networks, and other virtual platforms.
Use of personal accounts
The following guidelines are intended for those employees who use the personal accounts of their social networks to publish publications about TALLERES INOX, S.A ..

1. Be aware of the mix between your personal and work environment. The purpose of a personal account is to connect with friends, family or people who share a common interest not related to the work environment, so it should focus on the personal life of the employee. Still, you should be aware that clients, colleagues, competitors or other interested parties may have access to your publications and that your actions may have an impact on the brand and credibility of our business.

2. Be responsible for your actions. Any publication that harms the company will be the responsibility of the person who has written it, so it is advisable to use common sense and take the necessary precautions so that the image of TALLERES INOX, SA is not damaged. If you publish information that could harm The company, your colleagues, clients or other interested parties could ask you to withdraw it and you could be sanctioned. This possibility is not intended to limit your use of social networks but to make clear the position of TALLERES INOX, S.A. versus negative behavior.

3. Share only public information of TALLERES INOX, S.A .. Make sure that the information of TALLERES INOX, S.A. that you share is in the public domain and has been published first by the company. If you are not sure that a piece of information is publishable, first ask the CONTACT PERSON OR DEPARTMENT.

4. Be transparent about your relationship with TALLERES INOX, S.A .. If you make any publication or respond to a message from another person about TALLERES INOX, S.A. Make sure to make it clear that you are not an official spokesperson, explain your relationship with the company and clarify that the opinion expressed is personal and not attributable to TALLERES INOX, SA. You can use the formula “I am a worker of TALLERES INOX, SA. Opinions expressed below are personal and do not necessarily represent the position of my employer ”.

5. Help us to know the opinions about TALLERES INOX, S.A .. If you find published opinions, both negative and positive, about TALLERES INOX, S.A. share them with the CONTACT PERSON OR DEPARTMENT. Your contribution is one of the most valuable resources for monitoring social networks.

6. Limit the use of your personal accounts during work hours. Avoid making use of your personal accounts on social networks during your workday, except for breaks, even to make publications related to TALLERES INOX, SA. Repeated use of these platforms without the prior authorization of a person in charge may result in sanctions.

7. Unlink your personal profile from the company if the time comes. If at any time you leave TALLERES INOX, S.A. and in your personal social profiles you make clear your relationship with the company, you should correct this information as soon as possible so that it does not lead to confusion.

8. Maximum person in charge. If you have any doubt, problem or suggestion in relation to the publication of messages about the company in your personal accounts, contact the PERSON OR THE CONTACT DEPARTMENT.

Use of corporate accounts

The following guidelines should be taken into account by those employees who use the corporate accounts of TALLERES INOX, S.A. in social networks to communicate on behalf of this.

These accounts are aimed at promoting and expanding the brand, its services and activities, as well as establishing a two-way communication channel with all those interested.

1. Identify yourself as an authorized spokesperson. If you use an account under your name for the purpose of making authorized publications on behalf of the company, you must clearly identify yourself as the person authorized to represent TALLERES INOX, S.A ..

2. Be very careful with confidential information. Maintain the confidentiality of restricted information and content related to the business, making sure to comply with the Privacy Policy of TALLERES INOX, S.A ..

3. Ownership and use of corporate accounts. Corporate accounts and any activity associated with them are subject to approval, monitoring and modification by TALLERES INOX, S.A., which is the administrator and owner of these profiles. These accounts will be assigned to certain employees for their use on behalf of the company.

4. Monitor networks. If you use a corporate account on social networks, you must be aware of what is published, so that you can respond if an incident arises. You should not delete or ignore comments for no reason, listen and respond to critical comments.

5. Use of third-party platforms for account management. The use of services offered by third-party companies for the creation, modification or management of accounts in social networks requires the prior written consent of the PERSON OR THE CONTACT DEPARTMENT.

6. Content. Remember that you are representing the voice of TALLERES INOX, S.A .. The content you post must be reasonable. Any message that does not comply with the law or does not comply with the policies of TALLERES INOX, S.A. will be eliminated and you may be penalized. The criteria for the publication of content must be the generation of value for the community.

7. Consider the audience.

8. Maximum responsible. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions in relation to the use of corporate social networks, contact the PERSON OR THE CONTACT DEPARTMENT.


Good practices

1. Be aware of copyright. Understand the consequences of using other people’s intellectual property (including photographs, texts, names and other protected trademarks). When you include third-party content, cite or link to the source.

2. Be professional. Identifying yourself as an employee of TALLERES INOX, S.A. you are reinforcing your image of professionalism and experience. Use an appropriate profile photo and privacy tools to restrict most personal information.

3. Be transparent. If you are writing about your work, use your real name and title. If you have a particular link or interest in what you are writing, comment on it from the beginning.

4. Use common sense. Do not comment on any matter related to controversial topics. Follow other users from whom you can learn about your work. Do not associate with any group that could lead to misinterpretation.

5. Write what you know. Make sure you write about your field of expertise and stay away from speculation.

6. Check what you are going to post. If you have any questions about the content you are going to publish, take a minute, review what you have written and modify those critical points. If you still don’t see it entirely clear, check with someone else. Write accurately, clearly and transparently, verify information and seek different points of view.